How It started?

  • Meet Sam:

    At the age of 16, Sam unearthed some research spotlighting the power of Lion's Mane mushrooms for enhancing memory and focus. He discovered one scientific paper which changed everything. This paper revealed Lions Mane's potential for improving Alzheimer's and Parkinson's this hit close to home as his grandfather had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's.

  • The Problem:

    As Sam searched for mushroom supplements, a problem became very clear. An eye-opening article revealed that 74% of mushroom supplements on the market don't actually contain any mushrooms. Why? Many companies sell what they hope is mushroom powder from China, as it's often left untested.

The Vision

And so, Sam decided to launch Smart Mushrooms. Focused on cultivating and crafting science-backed, high-quality mushroom supplements. To empower everyone to upgrade their health and wellness with more energy, more focus, more calm, and, ultimately, more life.

The Proposition

So Sam asked his grandad if he could transform an unused barn on the family farm into a mushroom farm thankfully he said yes and the rest as they say is history.


    Our production process is based on the findings of the latest research.

    We also aim to dedicate our profits to conducting our own research into medicinal mushrooms as we believe we are only scratching the surface of their potential.


    Our products are good for you and good for the planet. Whether it's the locally sourced recycled oak sawdust for mushroom cultivation, the eco-friendly packaging, or the utilisation of solar energy – every step undertaken in our production has the planet in mind.

  • BEES

    Roughly 30% of bee hives are lost annually due to deformed wing virus. Research has shown that bees feed off mushroom mycelium to boost their immune systems and extend their life spans. We are currently working on ways to provide these mycelial extracts.

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We Love Mushrooms

The team at Smart Mushrooms are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality products. We hope they enrich your life and for any questions, suggestions, or feedback, reach out to us at

Discover Mushrooms

About Mushrooms:

At Smart Mushrooms we are driven by learning and want to share our learnings with you!

We believe fungi have many of the answers to issues we face today in the world.

Some cool fungi facts:

  • Fungi are the largest form of life on earth and yet was named its own kingdom in 1969.
  • Fungi have been on earth for twice as long as plants and 500x longer than humans.
  • 4600 years ago, ancient Egyptians referred to mushrooms as plants of immortality and believed they were a gift from the God Osiris.
  • Mushrooms can improve the health and survival of Bees (the Bee population is estimated to have declined 45.5% in one year).

In the pages below we go into detail about each mushroom we sell and how it can improve your health and link the supporting studies.